Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ryan Lieberman and a Flex Position in Fantasy Football

Hello All (especially Ryan Lieberman),

In our fantasy football league, we have a proposal to start a flex position instead of another WR.

I am 100% absolutely in favor of it. Here's how I see it working:

Starting Lineup:
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
1 Def
1 Flex which includes (RB, WR, TE)

There are several reasons why I think that this is a good idea

First, there is a near universal consensus that fantasy football is fun because it allows us to be GMs of our team. In fact, there aren't many other great things about fantasy football. The scoring is done by a machine. There isn't really anything physical about it ( I mean I guess if you are into spending more time with your laptop.) But it's all about the GM. The free agency. The trading. The rosters. Allowing for a flex position increases the GM role in the game. You now have to make more advanced decisions such as starting Laurent Robinson over Felix Jones which is a decision that you never had to deal with before. This also affects the draft. Now, you are not spoon fed 3 WRs- you have more options to draft.

Second, we can all say with confidence that fantasy football should mock real football in certain aspects. Training Camp? No. Playoffs? Yes. See the difference? Adding a flex position adds to the aroma of real football. Think about the following players: Darren Sproles, Aaron Hernandez, Ben Tate. They all have 2 things in common. First, they are all fantasy studs. Second, they are all guys that are benched in more leagues then they are started. Why? Because they are flex guys. You end up starting Lance Moore over Darren Sproles because of the stupid 3 WR set that is programed. Imagine if the Saints had to do that? The Patriots? The Texans? Would they still be playoff teams? Maybe. But it would be harder and by far more arbitrary.

Third, if fantasy football should mock real life, then look at how many teams use the 3 wide set all game every game (as we have to.) I can't name too many teams or at least teams with prominent third wide receivers. What do Chad Ochocinco, Donald Driver, Lance Moore, Ted Ginn Jr, Lee Evans, Jacoby Jones, Harry Douglas, Bryan Johnson, Jerome Simpson, Mario Manningham, Denarious Moore, Patrick Turner, Laurent Robinson (with miles austin back), Damian Williams, Jason Avant, Early Doucet, Patrick Crayton all have in common? They are all the 3rd wideout on their respective teams and all of them are mediocre or a bit above average in terms of fantasy points and real targets.

Fourth, fantasy football is about scoring more points than the other opponent. That's the way it should be. Having players that score more points creates more excitement. Don't believe me? What is it like when your wideout scores 2 points? It sucks and you hate life. Starting Rob Gronkowski over Nate Burleson creates a warmer feeling in your heart. If you like that, then flex it up with me bro!

Fifth, even if you HATE flex, you can still start three wide receivers and go back to the barriers. If you think that is unfair because then you are at a competitive disadvantage, then you have just conceded that flex will give you more points so you should probably not will a contradiction and just do flex.

Normally, I would extrapolate this further but I feel like these points are so self evident that it is not necessary to go any farther. If you disagree, please comment and I will answer every single objection.

K Thanks!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why the Cowboys Will Win the NFC East

Hello all,

Haven't posted in a while and have to keep the intro short!

So, The Giants just beat the Cowboys by a field goal- here is my theory on why that won't even matter.

I predicted that the Cowboys would lose this game at the start of the season and also predicted that the Cowboys would be 8-5 at this time of the year (as opposed to 7-6.) I still think the Cowboys will go 10-6 this year and beat the Giants at the Meadowlands to win the division. But my point is that the Cowboys will still win the division even if they were 9-7.

The Giants and Cowboys are both 7-6 at the current moment with the Giants ahead based on head to head matchups. The Cowboys have the 4-9 Buccaneers and the 5-8 Eagles before the Giants. The Giants have the 4-9 Redskins and 8-5 Jets next on their schedule. I predict that the Cowboys will win both of those games and the Giants will lose both of those games and the Cowboys will clinch the division before even playing the Giants in Week 17. Here is why

1. Why the Giants will lose:
No doubt that tonight's win was big for the Giants to even be in this conversation. Let me rephrase: if the Giants lost, it was game over for the Giants. Looking at ESPN everything is going perfectly for the Cowboys. The Giants are now seen as an elite team and getting a ton of praise. Good! The ESPN poll predicts that every state thinks that the Giants will win the NFC east! Even better! Why is this good? BECAUSE THE GIANTS SUCK WHEN THEY ARE FAVORED. They are the worst team in the NFL when they have breathing room. Look at 2007- no one thought they would make the playoffs yet they won the Superbowl. Look at 2008- they were 13-3 and lost to a very average Eagles team in the playoffs. The past 2 years they started the season great and then collapsed. The reason for this? The Giants win games when they are the underdog (which is ironic because they are supposed to be the Giants.) When the pressure is on, they are great. Next week against the Redskins, there will be no pressure. They just beat the Cowboys and everyone in the media will predict a huge win against a team that has found a way to lose 9 very close games. Which is exactly the reason why the Giants will lose: this game will not be close. The Redskins will get hot early and stay hot because the Giants will still be coming off of the "Media loves us" high and that "division winning" feeling. Plus, the Redskins almost beat the Patriots- a team that is 10-3! Then, they will face the Jets who are actually a really good team but the pressure still wont be on because the Giants will still think they are better because last game was a "fluke" and whatnot. Plus, the Giants have a terrible pass defense and Plaxico Burress will want 1,000 yards in this game alone for revenge and the Giants will give it to him (exaggeration but you get the point.) This will make the last game irrelevant because...

2. WHy the Cowboys will win:
The Cowboys will win the next 2 games for the exact same reason why the Giants will lose the last 2 games: everyone will be focused on the Giants. The best thing that the Cowboys can do right now is just block out the media and let the media block them out. Next weeks game against a Buccaneers team that has been blown out time after time should be easy. If it is not, then the Cowboys don't deserve to go to the playoffs anyway. The game against the Eagles will be the real test. The Eagles have been the biggest disappointment this year ( I called that as well) but they played well against the Cowboys last time they played each other. This won't be an easy win but the disfunction of the Eagles will break them down in the key moments of this game which is why I give Dallas the win. These predictions are the safer ones.

NOTE: So, Im pretty much betting on a GIANT COLLAPSE (get it?) For the game in Week 17 to matter, the Cowboys and Giants have to have the same record or the Cowboys have to be a game ahead of the Giants. So, the Cowboys have to at least go 1-1 if the Giants win a game. If both go 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2 then the winner of week 17 will win the division. If the Cowboys are 2-0 and the Giants are 1-1 then the winner of the game will win the division. Same for if the Giants go 0-2 and the Cowboys go 1-1. If the Cowboys go 1-1 and the Giants go 2-0 then the Giants win the division. Same for if the Giants go 1-1 and the Cowboys go 0-2. But the most likely scenario will be for the Giants to go 0-2 and the Cowboys to at least go 1-1. If they go 2-0 then congrats boys! If not, I still pick the Cowboys to beat the Giants in Week 17.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama is dead.... Now what?

Hey guys,

If you follow my blog, then you are happy that Osama is dead (just fyi)
and if you don't, you wish he was still alive and well.
You know who you are....

Well this is interesante (means interesting in Spanish)

Osama Bin Laden was the most feared terrorist in the 2000's and maybe in human history. His destruction and evil tactics were among the most brutal since the stone age.

The question becomes, what will the middle east do now?

There have already been some peace movements (Libya, Syria) so its seems like Al Queda as well as other terrorist groups and starting to die down. Now that their prominent figure is dead and this could expedite the crumbling of the most evil group of people since Hitler. Bar none.

But it could also cause some short term terror. These guys are not going to be happy that their god (notice how i did not capitalize this god unlike the God) is dead. Could they use this as some sort of revenge plot?

I am no fortune teller but what I can say is this: 2011 just got a whole lot more interesante.

Please comment below (not on facebook) for your opinion.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An interesting observation about the NFL Draft

Hey guys,

I wanted to be the first person online to get credit for this idea- and I think I am...

The Panthers, Titans, Jaguars and Vikings all have two things in common.
1. They all chose a QB in round one
2. They are the 4 best running teams in the NFL.

Just an observation- not sure what it means. Comment below

Also, I wanted to say that my review of the first round will be up tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Meaning to Life

Hey all,

I know I have a lot of new followers (kudos you all!) Rebecca Kuang told me not to shout her out but I think she is really awesome and really smart and funny and if you don't know her then you are missing out. Divya Pranav is one of the nicest people in the world and I would call her a friend. If you want one of these nice things said about you to make your day- then go to the right and press the button that says follow. That's it.

I was reading a book called The Lieutenant for English. I find that plot in almost all books is pretty irrelevant so I won't tell you.

There is a line on the bottom of page 152, it says

"And everything in his life had been leading here."

My first thought was did I read that right. So I read it again, and this time it said:

"And everything in his life had been leading here."

Same thing. So I underlined it and highlighted it. It just kind of touched down and grabbed my heart more deeply than any other piece of literature had ever. Here is why:

1. It is beautifully written. Every word has a distinct and unique purpose. It isn't a collection of words but thought, an idea. I thought at first that there must be something cool with this quote. But it has 16 different letters (40 letters in total) and doesn't anagram or rhyme. It's not a specially sentence of grammar because, it's not grammar. It's a thought, an idea.

2. The thought and idea is amazing. The idea that everything in life culminates to one moment. It gives people a definition. I mean, wouldn't it be cool if there is an afterlife and once you die, you ascend into the heavens and watch this moment of your life, like at the movies or something. That would confirm my next statement.


That's it- that's my idea. Reading this book and this quote told me that. After all, that only makes sense, right? That your life has some purpose and that purpose forces you to culminate it and define it to one instance you have been working towards.

But what are the effects? Do we suddenly only focus on this culmination of self-interest? Do we forget the rest of our life and live vicariously through one moment?

So I choose to reform the previous statement


But of coarse, there are problems with this as well. This would assume that people are means to achieving this end for yourself. And since perception is our reality, then interactions with persons would only be valuable for your sake and not for the sake of others.

So maybe something like this would happen:


Treating people as ends is just saying to not violate any of their inalienable rights (life, liberty etc.)

But, while this contains all of the ideals I have mentioned, it doesn't entail the fact that life is poetic and beautiful, so the meaning of life ought to be as well.

So finally, I will end with this:


That's what life is all about...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2008 NFL Draft Review

Hey all,

This is my review of the 2008 NFL Draft:

2008 NFL Draft Review-

1 A+ per round

Round 1-
1. OT Jake Long- Dolphins- Michigan- A
2. DE Chris Long-Rams- Virginia- A
3. QB Matt Ryan- Falcons- Boston College- A
4. RB Darren McFadden- Raiders- Arkansas- B+
5. DT Glenn Dorsey- Chiefs- LSU B-
6. LB Vernon Gholston- Jets- Ohio State- D
7. DT Sedrick Ellis- Saints- USC B-
8. DE Derrick Harvey- Jaguars- Florida- C-
9. LB Keith Rivers- Bengals- USC- C
10. LB Jerod Mayo- Patriots- Tennessee- A
11. CB Leodis McKelvin- Bills- Troy-B-
12. OT Ryan Clady- Broncos- Boise State- A
13. RB Jonathan Stewart- Panthers- Oregon- B+
14. OT Chris Williams- Bears- Vanderbilt- B
15. OT Branden Albert- Chiefs- Virginia- B+
16. CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- Cardinals- Tennessee- A-
17. OT Godser Cerilus- Lions- Boston College- B
18. QB Joe Flacco- Ravens- Maryland- A
19. OT Jeff Otah- Panthers- Pittsburgh C+
20. CB Aqib Talib- Buccaneers- Kansas- A
21. OT Sam Baker- Falcons- USC- B+
22. RB Felix Jones- Cowboys- Arkansas- B
23. RB Rashard Mendenhall- Steelers- Illinois- A
24. RB Chris Johnson- Titans- East Carolina- A+
25. CB Mike Jenkins- Cowboys- South Florida- B+
26. OT Duane Brown- Texans- Virginia Tech- A-
27. CB Antoine Cason- Chargers- Arizona- A-
28. DE Lawerence Jackson- Seahawks/Lions- USC- B-
29. DT Kentwan Balmer- 49ers/Seahawks- North Carolina- C
30. TE Dustin Keller- Jets- Purdue- A-
31. FS Kenny Phillips- Giants- Miami- B

Round 2-
32. DE Phillip Merling- Dolphins- Clemson- C
33. WR Donnie Avery- Rams- Houston- B-
34. WR Devin Thomas- Redskins/Patriots/Panthers/Giants- Michigan State- D
35. CB Brandon Flowers- Chiefs- Virginia Tech- A
36. WR Jordy Nelson- Packers- Kansas State- B+
37. LB Curtis Lofton- Falcons- Oklahoma- A
38. TE John Carlson- Seahawks- Notre Dame- B-
39. OG Chilo Rachal- 49ers- USC- B
40. CB Tracy Porter- Saints- Indiana- B+
41. WR James Hardy- Bills/Ravens- Indiana- D
42. WR Eddie Royal- Broncos- Virginia Tech- B+
43. FS Tyrell Johnson- Vikings- Arkansas State- C+
44. RB Matt Forte- Bears- Tulane- A
45. LB Jordan Dizon- Lions- Colorado- C
46. WR Jerome Simpson- Bengals- Costal Carolina- C+
47. DT Trevor Laws- Eagles- Notre Dame- A-
48. TE Fred Davis- Redskins- USC- B-
49. WR DeSean Jackson- Eagles- California- A+
50. DE Calais Campbell- Cardinals- Miami- A
51. WR Malcolm Kelly- Redskins- Oklahoma- C
52. DE Quentin Groves- Auburn- Jaguars/Raiders- C+
53. WR Limas Sweed- Steelers- Texas- C
54. DT Jason Jones- Titans-Eastern Michigan- B+
55. RB Ray Rice- Ravens- Rutgers- A
56. QB Brian Brohm- Louisville- Packers/Bills- C
57. QB Chad Henne- Michigan- Dolphins- B
58. WR Dexter Jackson- Buccaneers/Panthers- Appalachian State- C-
59. OG Mike Pollak- Colts- Arizona State- B
60. CB Pat Lee- Packers- Auburn- C
61. TE Martellus Bennett- Cowboys- Texas A&M- B
62. CB Terrence Wheatley- Patriots/Jaguars- Colorado- C-
63. CB Terrell Thomas- Giants- USC- A-

Round 3-
Grades Change- become easier to get good grades

64. RB Kevin Smith- Lions- Central Florida- B+
65. OT John Greco- Rams- Toledo- B-
66. DE Kendall Langford- Dolphins- Hampton- A
67. FS Charles Goodfrey- Panthers- Iowa- A
68. CB Chevis Jackson- Falcons/Patriots/Jaguars/Broncos- LSU- C-
69. FB Jacob Hester- Chargers- LSU- A-
70. WR Earl Bennett- Bears- Vanderbilt- B+
71. LB Tavaris Gooden- Ravens- Miami- B-
72. DE Chris Ellis- Bills/Steelers- Virginia Tech- C
73. RB Jamaal Charles- Chiefs- Texas- A+
74. LB Dan Connor- Panthers- Penn State- B+
75. CB Reggie Smith- 49ers- Oklahoma- B
76. TE Brad Cottam- Chiefs- Tennessee- C+
77. DT Pat Sims- Bengals- Auburn- A-
78. OLB Shawn Crable- Patriots/Jets- Michigan- C+
79. CB Antuwan Molten- Texans- Eastern Kentucky- C
80. LB Bryan Smith- Eagles/Jaguars- McNessee State- C
81. WR Early Doucet- Cardinals- LSU- B-
82. FS DaJuan Morgan- Chiefs/Colts- North Carolina State- C
83. OG Jeremy Zuttah- Buccaneers- Rutgers- A-
84. WR Harry Douglas- Falcons- Louisville- B
85. TE Craig Stevens- Titans- California- B+
86. FS Tom Zibikowski- Ravens- Notre Dame- B
87. DT Andre Flullen- Lions- Florida State- B
88. LB Bruce Davis- Steelers/Raiders- UCLA- C-
89. RB Steve Slaton- Texans- West Virginia- B+
90. DT Marcus Harrison- Bears- Arkansas- B
91. TE Jermichael Finley- Packers- Texas- A-
92. DE Cliff Avril- Lions- Purdue- A
93. OLB Phillip Wheeler- Colts- Georgia Tech- A-
94. QB Kevin O’Connell- Patriots/Jets- San Diego State- C-
95. WR Mario Manningham- Giants- Michigan- A
96. OG Chad Rinehart- Redskins/Bills- Northern Iowa- C+
97. WR Andre Caldwell- Bengals- Florida- A-
98. FS Thomas DeCoud- Falcons- California- A
99. OT Oneil Cousins- Ravens- UTEP- B+

Round 4- only good players- same rules as round 3

100. SS Tyvon Branch- Raiders- Connecticut- A+
103. DE Williams Hayes- Titans- Winston-Salem State- A-
109. OG Mike McGlynn- Eagles- Pittsburgh- A-
113. CB Dwight Lowery- Jets- San Jose State- A-
135. OG Justin Sitton- Packers- Central Florida- A

Round 5
140. CB Brandon Carr- Chiefs- Grand Valley State- A-
143. CB Orlando Scandrick- Cowboys- Boise State- A-
149. RB Tim Hightower- Cardinals- Richmond- A-
154. LB Kroy Biermann- Falcons- Montana- A-
164. OG Carl Nicks- Saints- Nebraska- A+
165. LB Jonathan Goff- Giants- Vanderbuilt- A-

Round 6-
Note: A lot of good players in the 6th, but these are the best

169. DE Trevor Scott- Raiders- Middle Tennessee Valley- A
170. OT Barry Richardson- Chiefs- Clemson- A-
174. WR Josh Morgan- 49ers- Virginia Tech- A-
175. LB Geno Hayes- Buccaneers- Florida State- A
187. OC John Sullivan- Vikings- Notre Dame- A+
190. DT Ahtyba Rubin- Browns- Iowa State- A-
205. WR Piere Garcon- Colts- Mount Union- A

Round 7-
219. OT Demetrius Bell- Bills- Northwestern State- Louisiana-A-
224. WR Steve Johnson- Bills- Kentucky- A-
225. OT Brandon Keith- Cardinals- Northern Iowa- A-
227. RB Peyton Hillis- Broncos/Browns- Arkansas- A-

Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey all,

I want to shoutout Julianne Hastings (she's been waiting for this) Not only does her energy and radiance make your heart smile but she is also a very nice, pretty girl and if you have not taken the opportunity to talk with her... DO IT

And if you don't follow the blog- then you will NEVER get a shoutout. period.

I recently saw the movie The Shawshank Redemption and Limitless. Both have made me think a lot. I think that what makes movies really good: the ones that make you think days after about it.

Going to see Lil Wayne this Friday- keep you updated on that.

Tomorrow is Tuesday which means that it is Honor Counsel Elections Run-Off between Hirsh Elhence and Mackenzie Merriam. I love you Hirsh but I encourage everyone to vote MACKENZIE!

Finally, if you comment on this post on an idea then I will make a post about it or at least consider it.

Peace, Love and Happiness,
Brian Wiora

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Rebecca Black will save America

Hey all,

Shoutout to all of my followers (if you want to be in this cool club, just click that bright beegish button to the right) if you have a google, yahoo and twitter, you can follow. If not, get one

Now while many of you are already getting your fingers ready for a nice big dislike on the comments at the bottom, please actually read the entire post and have an open mind. Gracias!

If you have not heard Rebecca Black's new hit single "Friday" don't go and buy it on itunes as it is honestly a terrible song. Please just youtube it and make sure to watch the video.

My review of the song/video: The lyrics are terrible, the video is laughable and her voice has more auto tune than Kanye West and Akon combined.

HOWEVER, this song is one of many that could actually do something for this great country of ours.

If you could describe the intended theme of the song, it would be optimism. Here is this teenage girl that cannot wait for Friday so she can go out and have a good time with all of her friends. I mean, who doesn't love a good time with friends?

But I view this song in a different way than just having a ball on friday (as she says- Did you know that Friday was after Thursday???)

Look at the newspaper, the internet, twitter, the carrier pigeons and telegraph lines are all oozing with news about the debt, war, justin beiber's new haircut! in short, all negative and very unattractive things.

Rebecca Black is just one of many independent artists that say that those are just words! Let's defy them and go and have a good time! Let's go to a party and (here's the crux) BUY BUY BUY!

It's encoded in lyrics all across the Itunes Top 10- BUY NOW! THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BUY

I contend that the 1920's were easily the greatest point of economic prosperity for the Red White and Blue because of CONFIDENCE and OPTISM. Ever since FDR and the "New Communist/Realist/Worst Deal" everybody has been skeptical of the market.

Rebecca Black tells us to just be free and buy buy buy.


Peace, Love and Happiness

Brian Fitzgerald Chander Hamilton Wiora

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The best song you've never heard

Please comment below if you agree or disagree.


Today's Shoutouts:
1. Ashkan- Hes a cool cat and hes got some swagger as well.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey all,

I wanted to give a shoutout to multiple people. First, Jake and Ben- who have followed me from the start! Second, Lindsay Malholmes. Lindsay is a debater at Greenhill and if you haven't had the pleasure of talking with her, your missing out. And finally, we have Caroline Gold and Sarah Shor (who could easily be my 2 favorite people in the world.) Caroline is one of the friendliest people at Greenhill School and also one of the smartest. Sarah, oh Sarah, is pretty chill and has a great singing voice. Sarah is also pretty level headed so if you need advice she would be an excellent consultant. (Once again, if you want a shoutout, then you can go to that nice, shiny button on the right and press it.)

Secondly, I would like to say that if your in the new need of a theme song: try Heartbeat by Stereo Skyline. As you know, the Ready Set will always be #1 but this group with this song is pretty good as well.

And i would LOVE more comments about a vlog. So far, I have one.

Peace Love and Happiness,
Brian Wiora

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Constitution

Hey all,

So tonight there is more of a trickle down from the continuing debate about whether the new deal was justified. There are several really strong arguments on both sides of the debate but I will say that one of the worst arguments I heard was that we should follow good policymaking over whether we are being constitutional.

Woah! Woah! Woah! (not woo woo woo!)

There are several problems with this argument:
1. The Constitution is the oldest document in human history that still today is being followed and implemented to a 't." Needlessly creating a stir over whether we should follow this document is considered treason.

2. If we don't follow this document then other countries will not follow theirs because America is an EXAMPLE of what other countries should do. We are the country that ended WW2, we are the country that promotes human rights the most.

3. To not follow the constitution even in a time of depression, is flawed logic. For it is logic that men like Hitler, Genghis Khan and other rutheless leaders used (all is fair in times of crisis)

4. THERE IS NO NEED EVER TO NOT FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION. The constitution is not a document of RESTRICTIONS but rather a document of RIGHTS. To be unconstitutional is to deny rights not eliminate restrictions. Denial of rights is a violation of autonomy.

5. We can never VIOLATE autonomy for it is incomparable to any other gift that life has given us.

Don't believe me (well you should!) Try catching up on your literature!

Jurgen Habermas [University of Frankfurt]
David Velleman [Professor of Philosophy, NYU]
Dwight Furrow Author“Moral Agency.”
Derek Parfit [Oxford]
Francis kamm- author Non-Consequentialism, the Person as an End-in-Itself, and the Significance of Status Reviewed work(
John M. Taurek 1977 [PhD in Philosophy at NYU],
Robert Zokick- author “Moral Constraints and Moral Goals.”

Just to name a few qualified individuals that support this ideal.


Hey all,

I would like to shout out Rupsha Basu for following! For those that don't know Rupsha, she is a very smart debater at Hockaday and is a very charismatic individual. (If you would like a shoutout then follow my blog- it's the button to the right that says "follow.")

So a couple of things:

1. I think my new favorite band (post 1970) would go to The Ready Set! If you don't know them, it's your loss. If your music collection is missing a couple of songs, I would recommend Love Like Woe, More than Alive, Stays Four the Same and More than Alive (acoustic version.)

2. I recently saw the movie, The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. I would rate it a 9/10. While the action and plot were very good, I was not a fan of the ending. I will most likely blog about this post later.

3. The continuing debate in my history class was whether FDR was a good president. My argument was that he wasn't. I posted some sites but SOME people just hate to agree with the truth. So, once and for, after hours of research, a couple of economists at UCLA believe that FDR PROLONGED the depression by 7 years (meaning that without him, the depression would have ended 7 years earlier, at approx. 1936 instead of 1943) Mr. Braemer, my history teacher, gave the challenge to blog what FDR should have done. After doing some research it seems like some people did VERY well in the "depression." Jesse Livermore, J.P. Morgan and others seemed to be pretty well to do. Ever heard of a trickle down effect? FDR should have contacted those guys to make deals, etc. The way to fix an economy is by increasing competition and getting RID of government restrictions and allowing the people to be able to decide what they should have for breakfast.


4. I need COMMENTS on the bottom of this post: Should I start a vlog? I could post up both my opinions on stuff as well as stuff to help with school (so like what happened in WW2? what happened in the great gatsby etc?)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear History Class

Hello young lads and ladies,

I want to take you through an adventure called the 1930s:

Once upon a time in a magical land there was a King (more like a dictator) name Franklin Delano Roosevelt who decided that the people were in some trouble (uh oh!)

So he decided (and pretty much he alone) that America (his magical land) needed a break from all of this turmoil. He decided to play a game of Monopoly with America (yay!)

In this game, people would get their pink dollar bills from the government because the government was the "good guy." They would exchange their fake Candy Land money (yes Candy Land) for real boy money! And FDR said that was okay because he was tired of seeing Americans have to work for a living (did i mention that the rest of the world was going through human rights violations and that was considered a normal time?)

This was all so much fun! The economy wasn't getting better but Queen Frostine on the other hand was having a lot of fun!

The typical day for an American was simple. They would go to one of their "alphabet soup kitchens" and work for something so UNCONSTITUTIONAL that Thomas Jefferson would have wept for hours. But none of that matters because, like FDR said, "the only thing to fear is sensible people themselves!" (yay!) FDR was the new king and he played this game by his own rules. So, if he wanted to INCREASE taxes (which makes alot of sense in a market where people dont have money), INCREASE federal debt and INCREASE RACISM (black people were often denied jobs, even if they were manual labor) then he should because he is Franklin Roosevelt!!

Without Adolf Hitler, Franklin would look like the worst president in history for it wasn;t until WW2 that there was any real economy. In fact, once WW2 ended, most of Roosevelt's "alphabet soup" grew dry and only a few remain.

In fact, I will go as far to say that FDR was the WORST PRESIDENT of the 20th century. Don't believe me: In 1932, when Roosevelt was elected, there were on relief 4,155,000 households, containing 16,620,000 persons. In 1940, eight years later, there were 4,227,000 households on relief, containing 16,908,000 persons. In this period farm employment fell off and has never recovered.


The first one is the best

Thats my 2 cents

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Top 10 Wide receivers of all time

Top 10 Greatest Wide Receivers

This list is dependent on two factors:
Stats (50%)
Legacy (50%)

The reason why this is a fair criteria because offenses are always evolving, so stats are so relative to the timeframe. 1,000 yards used to mean something in the NFL, now it is just average. Awards are good, but are often dependent on how good the offense is. That is why legacy, the impact they had to the NFL, is the most important advocacy.

10. Cris Carter- Carter had over 1,000 receptions, 13,000 yards and 130 TDs. The 8X Pro Bowler, spent the first couple of seasons in Philly before a drug problem forced him to play back up for the then lowly Vikings. He played well on and off the field and was able to work his way up to be one of the greatest of all time. He is a great success story and while a superbowl ring and a HOF bust would put him higher on the list, he still should be happy with the success he has felt.

9. Randy Moss- Moss, Carter's teammate, has had a similar up and down career. He is still playing in the NFL and has almost 1,000 receptions, over 13,000 yards and 82 TDs, similar to Carter's stats. Moss was the best receiver in the NFL for two separate periods of time (early 2000 Vikings and late 2000's Patriots) and ultimatly produced the greatest statistical single season in NFL history with over 1400 yards and 23 TDs. But, there is a reason why he has played for 5 different teams and has been called a "moral killer." His legacy is almost tarnished, and his 7X Pro Bowl are more representative of the great offenses rather than Moss, himself. But he still deserves a spot on the list.

8. Steve Largent- Largent has over 800 receptions, 13,000 yards and 100 TDs. He is the greatest wide receiver to have never won an NFL championship. He is one of the only wide receivers to play all 14 seasons with the same team (Seahawks.) The 7X Pro Bowler has fallen into oblivion because of the lack of Seattle's success when he was on the team. Largent and Jim Zorn, his QB, combined to be the single most underrated passing combo of the decade. Largent as well never dropped a pass, like ever. For these reasons he, although some would dispute, lands as #8 on this list.

7. Marvin Harrison- Harrison had over 1,000 receptions, 14,000 yards and 120 TDS. Harrison was Peyton Manning's favorite target and they certainly had a great tandem working in Indy. Harrison's 8 Pro Bowls and 6 All Pros are incredible considering he had 2 injury plagued seasons and 3 other seasons without Manning. Harrison will certainly be remembered as Manning's guy, a tag that can't hurt him with Canton voters. He will be a HOFer and he will have a great legacy in the future.

6. Torry Holt- Holt had almost 1,000 receptions, 13,000 yards and 74 TDs. Many would argue he is too high on the list because of he did not put up the numbers as some of the other receivers. But Holt may be the only player on this list without a consistent great QB, making him the better player. He had great seasons with Marc Bulger, David Garrard, Trent Green and Jamie Martin. He was also the quickest player in NFL history to reach 10,000 and 11,000 yards. The 7X Pro Bowler was the best receiver of the decade. His place on the "greatest show on turf" led him to a superbowl in 2000 and some awesome playoff runs.

5. Raymond Berry- Berry was the Colt's leading wide receiver throughout the 1950's and 1960's. The 6X Pro Bowler and 6X All Pro had one of the greatest season for a wide receiver in NFL history when he amounted 1,298 yards and 10 TDs in a 12 game season. Berry was Johnny U's best receiver catching almost every single pass thrown at him. Berry's name may have fallen into the dusk as stats and offenses have been friendly to wide outs ever since the 1978 rule changes. But Berry is one of the classic examples of the good old days.

4. Michael Irvin- Irvin represents the cowboys better than any other player in franchise history. He had swagger, stats and success. He was a great character and modernized the touchdown celebration. A member of the "triplets," Irvin won 3 superbowls in 4 years. His stats speak for themselves. Irvin finished with 750 receptions, over 11,000 yards and 65 TDs on a team that ran the ball most of the time and had a QB in Troy Aikman that threw for more than 20 TDs just once in his career. A 5X Pro Bowler, Irvin also had 8 straight seasons with over 950 yards and 7 of those were over 1,000. Aikman to Irvin was the most dominant connection of the 1990s and possibly of all time. The HOFer was a fan favorite and is without a doubt, a top 5 wide receiver of all time.

3. Lance Alworth- Alworth, as well a Cowboy during the early 1970's, spent most of his career being a dominant wide receiver for the Chargers. Alworrth was a 7X All Star selection amasing over 500 receptions, 10,000 yards and 85 TDs in 11 seasons. Alworth was certainly the greatest receiver in the AFL. Alworth and John Hadl were also the first combination to connect for over 12 TDs twice during the 12 game season. Alworth was a superbowl winner with the Dallas Cowboys in the early 70's and served primarily as a mentor for young players on the Cowboys. His #19 was retired by the Chargers and his legacy remains even stronger than that. Alworth is a member of 4 Hall of Fames and several decade and league teams.

For those that wish to know more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKtlaKNt6_8

2. Jerry Rice-Now, I know what your thinking, how could Rice be #2? Thats coming a bit later but lets discuss first what he did to deserve this spot as well.

Rice played for 20 years and has over 1500 receptions, 22,000 yards and almost 200 TDs. His 13 Pro Bowls and 11 All Pros seems to speak for themselves. Rice holds over 10 NFL Records (which, in itself, is a record) both for playoffs and regular season. Rice also had 14 seasons over 1,000 yards, 3 Super Bowls and has his #80 retired in San Francisco.Rice certainly has a strong case for the best receiver of all time and maybe even the best player of all time as the NFL network called him the greatest player of all time.

HOWEVER there are several reasons why Jerry Rice is #2 on this list. Rice played with Joe Montana and Steve Young, 2 of the greatest QBs of all time (Montana may be the best.) He also played with Rich Gannon, former MVP, and Jeff Garcia, multiple time pro bowler. Rice had the advantage of Bill Walsh, George Seafur, John Gruden- all multiple super bowl winning head coaches.

But as well there is somebody much better than Rice, and that is DON HUTSON.


First of all I want to say that this is my analysis but I am using projected stats from: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/143974-why-jerry-rice-is-not-the-greatest-wide-receiver-in-nfl-history

Secondly I want to say that this was my original idea. I thought of it and then did some research, not the other way around.

Don Hutson is the greatest receiver of all time. The 11 year pro, Hutson was a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers during the 1930's and 1940's. In an 11 GAME SEASON in 1942, Hutson produced 74 receptions, 1,211 yards and 17 TDs. In the context of Jerry Rice's era, Hutson stats in the season would project to be 108 receptions, 1761 yards and 25 TDs. That would be even more in the last 3 years.

Over his career, Hutson had almost 500 receptions, 7,900 yards and 99 TDS at a time when teams would pass maybe 10- 20 TIMES A GAME. This means that if Huston played at the same time that Rice did, he would have averaged 101 receptions, 1653 yards and 21 TDs. For Jerry Rice to have the same statistical impact that Hutson had in his era Rice would have needed to average 300 catches, 4200 yards and 45 TDs.

But remember, this list isn't all stats. Remember when, back on Rice's page, we said Rice played with Joe, Steve, Rich and Jeff? Well have I got news for you. Hutson played for Arnie Herber, Cecil Isbell and Irv Comp during his career. None of those players even match Rich Gannon's arm let alone Young and Montana. The year after Huston retired, Irv Comp threw just 1 TD the entire seaosn and played in all 12 games.

Huston's number is retired, he was voted on the all time team, he would have made every pro bowl if there was one. Hutson's first play in his NFL career was a 85 yard TD. Hutson also won 3 NFL championships. Hutson also played on defense and led teh league in INTS in 1940. When Huston retired, he had 18 NFL records which surpass Rice's number by far. Hutson and Curley Lambeau were the first people to create routs for receivers to run and Hutson was one of the first to run them. Hutson will never get the credit he deserves because of our un-appreciation for national pastimes and Jerry Rice. But I am here to serve JUSTICE!

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