Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cowboys- Second Half of the Season

Well, I thought this may happen.

The cowboys are sitting at 3-5. The offense is miserable and the defense can't make stops when it matters. But, most importantly, the cowboys are the most unorganized, undisciplined, and overrated team in the NFL. After seeing the game tonight, I would be surprised if the team finished with a winning record this season. And it would literally take a miracle for the Cowboys to get into the playoffs.

It's over. It's done. Goodbye to 2012. Another year to inconsistency, hype and failure in the leadership department.

Thank God for fantasy football because my attention will be focused on three things for this football season:

1. My team

2. The Cardinals, Seahawks, Vikings and Buccaneers (teams that I secretly like)

3. The cowboys off season.

That's right, Cowboys fans. I am already in off season mode.

If I were the Cowboys GM, here are some things I would do to increase my chance of success this offseason.

1. Hire Sean Payton, offer Garrett offensive coordinator-
      This option has become increasingly more popular after speculation that the NFL has terminated Payton's contract, allowing him to become a coaching free agent next year. He has already worked for the Cowboys, lives in Dallas and has a respect for Jerry Jones (one of the few.) The point is that, hiring Payton would bring some discipline to the organization. That's the #1 priority for the unruly Cowboys. Offering Garrett the coordinator job back also makes sense and will allow him to focus on what he is good at, calling plays, and let Payton handle the management side of things. And if Garrett doesn't want the job, that's fine. Garrett is a nice addition but not a necessity for the Cowboys to work. I actually trust Romo over Garrett anyways. Romo can use his sandlot style playing and adapt to whoever is physically calling the plays- and that may end up being Sean Payton.

2. Draft a rookie QB in the 3rd or 4th Round-
   The Cowboys have 2 major holes on the team right now: interior offensive line and safety. Those are must picks in the first two rounds of the draft/free agency. Besides running back depth, I would say the next big issue on the Cowboys is the QB position. Look, I have stood behind Romo through thick and thin but I am getting tired of excuses. The cowboys need to pressure Romo into believing that his job is on the line. Orton, while a good backup, is just a backup and everyone knows that. Drafting a Landry Jones could do 1 of 2 things. Ideally, it makes Romo play better knowing that his job is on the line. Or, it could make him crumble under pressure which would merit a change in QB anyways. Plus, a 3rd or 4th rounder wouldn't be that much of an investment anyway. With Romo's contract set to expire in 2014, drafting a QB makes sense.

3. Dispose of Orlando Scandrick and Dez Bryant-
   Scandrick is one of the worst cornerbacks in the NFL. He can't tackle and he is too inconsistent in coverage. It's time for the Cowboys to move on from him. He also is very expensive so releasing or trading him would create some cap room. I'm not sure about the details of his contract but I do know this: I would rather have a 4th round pick and Mike Jenkins back then to have an overrated corner. Dez, of course, is probably worth a whole blog entry. He has potential but is also a dumb, unlucky and controversial receiver who is not helping the team. And, he is probably worth at least a 2nd round pick if not a 1st round pick. It seems like there are tons of talented receivers who would be great fits for the Cowboys. Bryant needs to go.

There are tons more the Cowboys can do and, after the season, I will probably know more specifics. The point is that the season for the cowboys is over. It's time to start thinking about the future.