Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama is dead.... Now what?

Hey guys,

If you follow my blog, then you are happy that Osama is dead (just fyi)
and if you don't, you wish he was still alive and well.
You know who you are....

Well this is interesante (means interesting in Spanish)

Osama Bin Laden was the most feared terrorist in the 2000's and maybe in human history. His destruction and evil tactics were among the most brutal since the stone age.

The question becomes, what will the middle east do now?

There have already been some peace movements (Libya, Syria) so its seems like Al Queda as well as other terrorist groups and starting to die down. Now that their prominent figure is dead and this could expedite the crumbling of the most evil group of people since Hitler. Bar none.

But it could also cause some short term terror. These guys are not going to be happy that their god (notice how i did not capitalize this god unlike the God) is dead. Could they use this as some sort of revenge plot?

I am no fortune teller but what I can say is this: 2011 just got a whole lot more interesante.

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