Saturday, September 25, 2010

Top 20 Beatles Songs

The greatest band to ever assembled was the Beatles. This was for 3 main reasons:
1. Each one of their members was a superstar in their self.
2. Each one provided a different element that collectively lead to some great songs.
3. Their legacy still lives 40 years later.

So, to honor them is my top 10 Beatles songs: (song, album, year)

20. Hey Bulldog- Yellow Submarine- 1968
An extremely underrated song by most, it deserves a spot for the fun and enthusiasm evident in the song.

19. Taxman- Revolver- 1966
This is George Harrison's breakout song- and it is obvious after listening why.

18. Please, Please me- Hard Day's Night- 1964
A very early song by the band but nonetheless a very good song.

17. Paperback Writer- Single- 1965
This is a defining song for the Beatles transitioning from the "Lads from Liverpool" to the "Meditating Era"

16. All you need is love- Single- 1967
The message is stong as is the execution of it.

15. Baby You're a Rich Man- 1967- Magical Mystery Tour-
Also an underrated song, but its catchy and has a nice beat.

14. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band- 1967- Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Heart's Club Band
Many people think that this song should go higher, but 14 is a perfect placement for this song.

13. Rain- Single- 1965
This is a great song and has over time become more and more popular with me

12. Got to get you into my life- 1965- Revolver
This "controversial" song deserves a spot at #12 for sure.

11. In my life- Rubber Soul- 1965
An emotional song that has stayed with the best of them

10. Strawberry Fields Forever- Single- 1967
"Living is easy with easy with eyes closed"

9. Lady Madonna- Single- 1968
"see how they run"

8. Yesterday- Single- 1964
The second most covered song in the history of music:
"I long for yesterday"

7. Let it Be- 1969- Let it Be
"I wake up to the sound of music"

6. While my guitar gently weeps- 1968- The White Album
"Still my guitar gently weeps"

5. Penny Lane- Single- 1968
"Penny Lane is in my years and in my eyes"

4. Here Comes the Sun- Abbey Road- 1969
"Here comes the sun and i say it's alright"

3. A Day in the Life- 1968- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
too many great quotes to put one up

2. Hey Jude- 1967- Single
"The movement you need is on your shoulder"

1. Revolution- 1968- The White Album