Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 2 NFL Predictions

Let's cut the chat and get right to it. Last week I was 60%

Packers beat Bears- The Pack will bounce back at home against an overrated Bears team.
Key for the Pack: Stopping Brandon Marshall
Key for the Bears: Protecting Jay Cutler
Key matchup: Charles Woodson vs. Brandon Marshall

Giants beat Buccaneers- The super bowl champs have a chip on their shoulder from last week and they will use it as motivation against a young Bucs team.
Key for the Giants: Staying mentally tough
Key for the Bucs- Getting the run game hot, early.
Key Matchup: Giants D-line vs. Doug Martin

Dolphins beat Raiders- Not exactly a superbowl matchup, but will still be a good game.
Key for the Raiders- Not making dumb mistakes.
Key for the Dolphins- Ryan Tannehill's performance
Key Matchup: Ryan Tannehill's receivers vs. Raiders secondary

Texans beat Jaguars- In what should be a blowout, the red hot Texans will play at their best.
Key for the Texans- do not underestimate Gabbert
Key for the Jaguars- getting pressure to Schuab
Key Matchup: Jaguars oline vs. Texans d-line

Bengals beat Browns- an old fashioned rivalry will be closer than most expect. Still, I have more faith in the playoff team.
Key for the Bengals- Getting the ball to AJ Green
Key for the Browns- Establishing the run
Key matchup: Trent Richardson vs. Bengals Dline

Chiefs beat Bills- Both teams were blown out last week. The Chiefs are mentally tougher and will pull out the W.
Key for the Chiefs- Stopping the run game.
Key for the Bills- Stopping the pass game.
Key matchup: Chiefs D vs. CJ Spiller

Ravens beat Eagles- This battle of the birds is not even close.
Key for the Ravens- Putting pressure on Vick
Key for the Eagles- Keeping Vick upright.
Key matchup: Eagles oline vs. Ravens linebackers/dline

Panthers beat Saints- This season won't be a brees for the Big Easy.
Key for the Panthers- Making Cam "superman"
Key for the Saints- Stopping the pass game.
Key matchup- Cam Newton vs. Saints D

Patriots beat Cardinals- The Cardinals have an identity crisis while the Pats train keeps rolling along.
Key for the Patriots- Maintaining a lead
Key for the Cardinals- Scoring more points
Key Matchup: Fitzgerald vs. McCourty

Colts beat Vikings- Andy Luck plays much better at home
Key for the Colts- stopping AD
Key for the Vikings- the passing game
Key matchup: Anthony Costonzo vs. Jared Allen

Rams beat Redskins- I know this is an upset pick but the Rams have a tough D.
Key for the Rams- stopping RG3
Key for the Redskins- playing tough
Key Matchup: Cortland Finnegan vs. Pierce Garcon

Cowboys beat Seahawks- Wilson has no chance against a great Cowboys D.
Key for the Seahawks- Scoring points
Key for the Cowboys- maintaining a lead
Key Matchup: Cowboys widouts vs. Seahawks corners

Steelers beat Jets- the Jets are hot but not as consistent as the Steelers
Key for the Jets- playing like a team, not a circus
Key for the Steelers- putting pressure on Sanchez
Key Matchup- Jets oline vs. Steelers Dline

Titans beat Chargers- San Diego is in for a shock against Jake Locker's Titans.
Key for the Titans- getting the run game going.
Key for the Chargers- getting the run game going.
Key Matchup- Chargers D vs. Chris Johnson

49ers beat Lions- See last week for both of these teams.
Key for 49ers- stopping matthew stafford
Key for Lions- scoring points
Key Matchup- Matthew Stafford vs. 49ers D

Falcons beat Broncos- No way that Peyton Manning can rally against this hot offense
Key for Falcons- getting pressure on manning.
Key for Broncos- keeping up with Falcons
Key matchup- Julio Jones vs. Champ Bailey

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NFL Week 1 Prediction Results

Hello All,

The title kind of gives it away. I will be doing NFL predictions every week.

Week 1: 9-6 (60%)

Where I was right:

1. Bears beat Colts- I knew Andy Luck couldn't outplay a newfound combo with Cutler and Marshall.
2. Eagles beat Browns- closer that I thought, but the eagles still pulled out a W
3. Lions beat Rams- I knew the Rams would play well but Stafford played better in the clutch.
4. Texans beat Dolphins- This one I expected to be a blow out. It lived up to its expectations.
5. Vikings beat Jaguars- I thought this one would be close so I gave it to the home team- they returned the favor.
6. Patriots beat Titans- Locker is a future star but Tom Brady still shines brighter.
7. Cardinals beat Seahawks- Despite a QB controversy in AZ, I still love the talent. A close game, but they pulled it out.
8. Ravens beat Bengals- Some have the Ravens in the superbowl. After what I saw last night, it could happen.
9. Chargers beat Raiders- I don't think either team is that good. But, Raiders are worse.

Where I was wrong-

1. Giants beat Cowboys- I am still shocked that the Boys walked into the Meadowlands and out toughed the Giants. Shows me that this isn't your Wade Phillips Cowboys team anymore.
2. Chiefs beat Falcons- the offensive fire power was too much for the Chiefs' young defense to handle. Just had to play too much catch up.
3. Saints beat Redskins- RG3 played incredibly against a shaky team with no coaching. Still, I expected more from Brees.
4. Packers beat 49ers- This just shows you why they say defense wins championships. Meanwhile, the 49ers offense played well enough to shock the packers at home.
5. Panthers beat Buccaneers- This isn't your grandma's Bucs team- they played tough and smart. The panthers relied on superman- but he looked a little more like Clark Kent.
6. Steelers beat Broncos- I still have no explanation for this one. I like the Steelers at nearly every position over Denver. I guess it was the WILL of Peyton Manning that won this game. He wanted it.

Week 2 predictions coming soon.