Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cowboys Season

Hello all,

After watching the Cowboys game last night (in person) I was disappointed. So I came home and did what i always do when I am sad, I researched. I still think that the Cowboys can go 10-6 but, it is going to require a lot. I've broken up the remaining 12 games into three sections, so here it goes:

@Panthers- Week 7- the cowboys have to get hot early in order to combat Cam
vs.Browns- Week 11- If the cowboys mess up this one...
Reskins (x2)- we have to beat RG3 BOTH TIMES we face him. They have potential but not good yet.

Permissible Losses-
Eagles (x1)- we can lose 1 to the Birds and make the playoffs
@Ravens- Week 6- I have more confidence in Flacco over Romo- especially at home
@Falcons- Week 9- The falcons may be the best team in the NFL- the cowboys are far from it
vs. Steelers- Week 15- The cowboys are not mentally or physically as tough as the steelers

Games that will define the season- the boys have to win all of these to go 10-6. These games will show how tough the Cowboys are:

Eagles (x1)- My prediction is that one of the cowboys vs. eagles games will be close. Just a matter of can we score AND stop vick when it matters.
@Bengals- Week 14- The Bengals are not great but neither are the Cowboys. This one will be close.
vs. Saints- Week 16- The Saints look bad but they can score quickly. Be interested in seeing how bad they are vs. the boys.
vs. Giants- Week 8- I think this is the most defining game of the season for the cowboys. If they win this game, my prediction is that they make the playoffs. If they lose, they will be at home for a third straight year in January.