Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey all,

I would like to shout out Rupsha Basu for following! For those that don't know Rupsha, she is a very smart debater at Hockaday and is a very charismatic individual. (If you would like a shoutout then follow my blog- it's the button to the right that says "follow.")

So a couple of things:

1. I think my new favorite band (post 1970) would go to The Ready Set! If you don't know them, it's your loss. If your music collection is missing a couple of songs, I would recommend Love Like Woe, More than Alive, Stays Four the Same and More than Alive (acoustic version.)

2. I recently saw the movie, The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. I would rate it a 9/10. While the action and plot were very good, I was not a fan of the ending. I will most likely blog about this post later.

3. The continuing debate in my history class was whether FDR was a good president. My argument was that he wasn't. I posted some sites but SOME people just hate to agree with the truth. So, once and for, after hours of research, a couple of economists at UCLA believe that FDR PROLONGED the depression by 7 years (meaning that without him, the depression would have ended 7 years earlier, at approx. 1936 instead of 1943) Mr. Braemer, my history teacher, gave the challenge to blog what FDR should have done. After doing some research it seems like some people did VERY well in the "depression." Jesse Livermore, J.P. Morgan and others seemed to be pretty well to do. Ever heard of a trickle down effect? FDR should have contacted those guys to make deals, etc. The way to fix an economy is by increasing competition and getting RID of government restrictions and allowing the people to be able to decide what they should have for breakfast.


4. I need COMMENTS on the bottom of this post: Should I start a vlog? I could post up both my opinions on stuff as well as stuff to help with school (so like what happened in WW2? what happened in the great gatsby etc?)

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