Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random Thoughts- 5/22/12

Hey all,

So... I haven't been posting regularly. I plan to do that now.

Here are some things that I have been thinking about lately.

1. One of my favorite shows, Awake, has recently been canceled. I am upset for two big reasons. One is that it was a really good show (I recommend it to everyone.) But secondly is that it is another reason why my faith in the American people is slowly declining. Here was a show that was complicated but, if you could figure out everything, was enlightening. If you are still reading this then I would recommend reading a plot summary. It was somewhat plot and special features driven but had a lot of philosophical aspects to it which I fear is losing ground in the hyper culture we live in.

2. On a lighter note, I have recently discovered Ellie Goulding's song Lights. It is my new fad. Also, give One Direction a chance. Yes they are a boy band and their lyrics suck sometimes but there is nothing like a friday afternoon jam session in your car with "What Makes You Beautiful."

3. I have started to tweet (@11fitzgerald) about movies. I gave Captain America a 5/10. Go check out why.

4. It seems like, if my newsfeed was to be the electorate, Obama would win by a landslide.

5. There are people I like a lot better on facebook then in real life. And vis-a-versa.

6. I spent most of my time in my astronomy class looking up stuff by Carl Sagan. Here's another example of something that our hyper culture could not handle/would not find interesting.

7. I really miss reality.

8. If debate was a really hot girl, I think I would ask her on a date.

9. I need advice: how do you get out of the "friend zone?"

10. We need to engage in skepticism to either reconfirm convictions or come up with others. Thoughts???

Also, please fb chat me/email/tweet or comment if you have suggestions about what I should write about.

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