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Grading the Draft- Part One

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Here are my grades for the first four rounds of every team's NFL draft.  I also included 5th-7th round players, which I call extra credit players, if it was a great pick. Overall Grades are decided holistically based upon a team's goals and needs in the draft. It is not a mere average of the individual grades. Please feel free to comment below or ask questions! I would love to see more followers.

Kansas City Chiefs

Overall Grade: B
Best Pick: ILB Nico Johnson
Worst Pick: TE Travis Kelce
Notes: Actually a B-, but get +1 quantum for Alex Smith

Pick by Pick:
1(1) Chiefs- OT Eric Fisher- B-
My Ideal Pick: OT Luke Joeckel

3(1) Chiefs- TE Travis Kelece- D
My Ideal Pick: ILB Jon Bostic

3(34) Chiefs- RB Knile Davis- A-
My Ideal Pick: RB Stephon Jefferson

4(2) Chiefs- LB Nico Johnson- A

Summary: The Chiefs had a prime position in this draft with the first overall selection. The pick of Fisher was surprising considering most experts believed that Joeckel was better and could more easily develop into a left tackle. Nonetheless, the Chiefs didn’t totally mess up by drafting Fisher as he does have potential and could turn into a good NFL player. They traded away their second round pick for Alex Smith, which I gave them a quantum bump up for considering I liked the deal. The pick of Kelece makes no sense considering the Cheifs have a young tight end in Moeaki and another good weapon in Anthony Fasano. Plus, Kelece isn’t very good to begin with. The pick of Knile Davis was excellent given that the Cheifs are in desperate need of another back since Charles is injury prone. Maybe a little high for the back but, whatever works. I love the Johnson pick considering he was a third round prospect and it addresses a big need at inside linebacker. He could start this year. Overall, a pretty good draft by the Chiefs, especially at getting mid round value.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Overall Grade: B+
Best Pick: S Josh Evans
Worst Pick: OT Luke Joeckel
Notes: Extra picks move the overall grade from a B to a B+

Pick by Pick:
1(2) Jaguars-OT Luke Joeckel-C+
My Ideal Pick: CB Dee Milner

2(1) Jaguars- S Jonathan Cyprin- B+
My Ideal Pick: LB Khassem Greene

3(2) Jaguars- CB Dwayne Gratz- B+
My Ideal Pick: SS T.J. McDonald

4(4) JAGUARS- WR Ace Sanders- B

Extra Credit Picks:
5(2) Jaguars- WR Denard Robinson- A
6(1) Jaguars- S Josh Evans- A

Summary: The Jaguars had an above average draft. They started off drafting Joeckel who they plan to use as a right tackle. Conventional NFL wisdom says that you never draft a right tackle high, especially with quality right tackles on the market. But, if Joeckel turns out well, then he can move to the left side. Plus, if the Jags land a lefty QB (TEBOW) then a right tackle becomes a need. Plus, your offensive line can never be too good, especially on a team with almost no talent elsewhere. Cyprin is a quality player who fills the need at safety, but there were better picks available. Gratz wasn’t the best corner available, but he isn’t bad at all and definitely fills a need at corner. I felt like Ace Sanders was also a reach and they probably could have solidified the linebacking core better with this pick. Robinson is a potential NFL star and his versatility is totally worth the risk. Josh Evans is the best pick of the Jags draft and, next to Cyrpin, can help the back half of the defense move forward. The Jaguars now have some talent due to the draft and, if Gabbert lives up to his potential, this could be a rising NFL team in the coming years.

Oakland Raiders

Overall Grade: B-
Best Pick: OT Menelik Watson
Worst Pick: CB D.J. Hayden

Pick by Pick:
1(12) RAIDERS- CB D.J. Hayden- C-
My Ideal Pick: DE Ziggy Ansah

2(10) RAIDERS- OT Menelik Watson- A+
My Ideal Pick: N/A

3(4) Raiders- OLB Sio Moore- B-
My Ideal Pick: TE Jordan Reed

4(15) RAIDERS- QB Tyler Wilson- B-

Summary: The Raiders came in with tons of needs, and did a below average job addressing them. D.J. Hayden is the classic Oakland Raider reach. Hayden has a ton of athletic, raw talent but isn’t a very good football player. I expect him to struggle in the NFL, similar to Fabian Washington. I can’t believe they passed on Ziggy Ansah to draft Hayden, but at least they moved down and got some late round talent. The Raiders probably deserved a B- but I love Menelik Watson more than any other prospect in the draft and he is a perfect fit on the Raiders. He, like Hayden, is raw but he did show a lot of potential in the college game. If he plays like he did at Florida State and continues his tract, I expect to see him in several pro bowls. Sio Moore is an average linebacker and, although he fills a need, was not close to the best linebacker available. Drafting a QB should not have been part of the game plan for the Raiders, especially since they have two relatively young QBs. That being said, Tyler Wilson is a serviceable NFL backup and could start for the Raiders if Flynn and Pryor don’t work out. Overall, I love Watson but not any of the rest of the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles

Overall Grade: C+
Best Pick: CB Jordan Poyer
Worst Pick: DT Bennie Logan

Pick by Pick:
1(4) Eagles- OT Lane Johnson- B-
My Ideal Pick: OT Eric Fisher

2(3) Eagles- TE Zach Ertz- B+
My Ideal Pick: CB Jamar Taylor

3(5) Eagles- DT Bennie Logan- C-
My Ideal Pick: C Travis Frederick

4(1) EAGLES- QB Matt Barkley- C-

Extra Credit Picks:
5(3) Eagles- S Earl Wolff- A
7(12) Eagles- CB Jordan Poyer- A

Summary: The Eagles are in a rebuilding mode after a few dismal seasons, but this draft wasn’t much of a success. Lane Johnson is the third best offensive tackle in the draft, but is a tier below Fisher and Joeckel. Even though he has potential, his rawness makes taking him 4th overall a big risk and probably a reach. Ertz was a good pick considering the Eagles have a minor need at tight end. They did sign TE James Casey in free agency, so taking another tight end doesn’t make a lot of sense. The Ertz pick was above average, but not great. Bennie Logan was an awful pick considering he doesn’t fit at all in a 3-4 and is the 4th defensive linemen taken in consecutive drafts. He is a waste of a pick. Same thing goes for Barkley: talented guy but just doesn’t work in Chip Kelly’s offense. He clutters the QB depth chart and creates unnecessary controversy. Wolff and Poyer save the draft. They were both major steals and could wind up being serviceable starters in the league. Overall, the early rounds were average and the late rounds were great. The mid round selections killed this draft.

Detroit Lions

Overall Grade: A-
Best Pick: DE Ziggy Ansah
Worst Pick: DE Devin Taylor

Pick by Pick:
1(5) Lions- DE Ziggy Ansah- A+
My Ideal Pick: DE/OLB Dion Jordan

2(4) Lions- CB Darius Slay- B
My Ideal Pick: OT Kyle Long

3(3) Lions- G Larry Warford- A
My Ideal Pick: WR Ryan Swope

4(35) Lions- DE Devin Taylor- C+

Summary: The Lions had a good draft. I consider Ziggy Ansah a steal at #5 considering he was the best player I saw on tape in the draft. He fills a need at defensive end since the Lions lost both Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril. Ansah will rack up huge numbers in the NFL. Slay fills the Lions second biggest need at corner, but was a reach. The Lions could have drafted David Amerson, Jonathan Banks, or Jamar Taylor- all of which are better than Slay. That being said, Slay is a good corner, so this is just an average selection. Larry Warford is a steal in the third round considering he was probably a late 1st round prospect. He will fill the Lions’ right guard need for years to come. Devin Taylor is a very overrated prospect considering he played along side JaDaveon Clowney in college. I think the 4th round is a big reach for him, but he does kind of fill a need. I would have liked to have seen a wide receiver drafted here too, which is why this pick merits a C+. Overall, the Lions addressed their three biggest needs and did it with quality players.

Cleveland Browns

Overall Grade: C
Best Pick: OT Garrett Gilkey
Worst Pick: OLB Barkevious Mingo

1(6) Browns- OLB Barkevious Mingo- D
My Ideal Pick: CB Xavier Rhodes

3(6) Browns- CB Leon McFadden- C+
My Ideal Pick: G Barrett Jones

Extra Credit Picks:
7(21) Browns- OT Garrett Gilkey- A

Summary: The Browns were limited by having only two picks in the first three rounds, but did a terrible job with them so it doesn’t really matter. Mingo was a huge reach at a position that was actually a strength of theirs. Mingo was a good linebacker for LSU, but nowhere near as good as some of the other players that the Browns passed on like Dee Milner or Star Lotulelei, who actually filled needs. Mingo will be an average starter, something that the Browns could have addressed in later rounds. Leon McFadden fills a need at cornerback, but is also just not the best corner available. I mean, who was doing the scouting for Cleveland? Blidi Wreh Wilson, Logan Ryan, and B.W. Webb were all three available. The fact that he is an upgrade shows the dire state of Cleveland. The Gilkey selection was far and above the best selection for the Browns. Gilkey should have gone a few rounds earlier, so its nice to see the Browns stealing a prospect for once. Gilkey may start for the Browns immediately, but nonetheless, will start eventually. Overall, a bad draft for the Browns. Expect them back in the top 6 next year.

Arizona Cardinals

Overall Grade: A
Best Pick: WR Ryan Swope
Worst Pick: G Earl Wartford

1(7) Cardinals- G Jonathan Cooper- B+
My Ideal Pick: QB Matt Barkley

2(13) CARDINALS- LB Kevin Minter- A-
My Ideal Pick: OT D.J. Fluker

3(7) Cardinals- CB Tyrann Matheiu- A+
My Ideal Pick: ILB Cornelious Washington

4(6) Cardinals- OLB Alex Okafor- A-

4(19) CARDINALS- OG Earl Wartford- B

Extra Picks:
5(7) Cardinals- RB Stefon Taylor- A
6(6) Cardinals- WR Ryan Swope- A+
6(19) Cardinals- RB Andre Ellington- A

Summary: Overall, the Cardinals did a great job in this year’s draft. Cooper was the top guard in the draft this year, and the Cardinals love drafting the best player available. I think this was an above average selection since guard was a need for the team, but probably not the biggest need. The Cardinals could have traded back a few picks and probably still had Cooper. Kevin Minter fills a need at inside linebacker, since Daryl Washington has been suspended for the first four games of this season and Paris Lennon is getting up there in age. Minter was the second best inside linebacker available, behind Kiko Alonso (who went next pick.) Had they drafted Alonso, this grade would have been a solid A. Tyrann Matheiu was the best pick in the third round. Guys who had character issues in college show up big in the NFL (Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Dan Marino etc.) especially when they are put in a system where their talents can shine. Matheiu will be playing next to his teammate at LSU, Patrick Peterson. The two know how to play together when they put up the best secondary a few years ago in the SEC. This is the perfect fit for Matheiu, so expect him to put up big numbers for Arizona. Alex Okafor was a solid draft choice as he completes the linebacker corps for the Cardinals. He is a rush linebacker and did it very well at Texas. Wartford was the worst selection for the Cardinals, which is saying a lot because the worst thing I can say about him is that he is average. I don’t think he will turn into a great player, but he can probably start if need be. The late round picks were stellar for the Cardinals. Stefon Taylor was an underrated back for Stanford and will be a nice compliment to Ryan Williams. Swope was one of my underrated prospects and Arizona is a great match for him to be the slot receiver next to Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald. Ellington is a nice change of pace back and, even though he is probably the third best running back on the team, can fill in nicely when Ryan Williams gets injured. Overall, this is one of the best draft classes and expect it to pay off in the coming years.

Buffalo Bills

Overall Grade: C
Best Pick: WR Robert Woods
Worst Pick: QB E.J. Manuel

1(16) BILLS- QB E.J. Manuel- D-
My Ideal Pick: WR Cordarrelle Patterson

2(9) BILLS- WR Robert Woods- A-
My Ideal Pick- QB Ryan Nassib- Syracuse

2(14) BILLS- ILB Kiko Alonso- A-
My Ideal Pick: N/A

3(16) BILLS- WR Marquise Goodwin- B
My Ideal Pick: G David Quessenberry

4(8) Bills- S Duke Williams- B

Summary: Besides their first pick, the Bills did a pretty good job this draft. Unfortunately, the first pick was so bad that it tanked the rest of the draft. E.J. Manuel? The fifth best QB in a weak class? Those who like Manuel must realize that he was a product of a great Florida State team. He is going to be eaten alive as a starter in the NFL. Manuel needed to go to a team with a proven starter and was nothing more than a backup in the NFL. This a disaster and proves that bad organizations (Bills, Browns, Raiders) will continue to be bad until they make major organizational changes. Robert Woods fell in the draft mostly because of his dropped passes issue in college. If he can fix that, he can be a great wide receiver in this league and a nice compliment to Stevie Johnson for the Bills. Kiko Alonso is an undersized linebacker who plays with a chip on his shoulder because of it. He is the type of firey playmaker that the Bills need. The only question is whether he can overcome his character issues (like I said above, I don’t think that is a reason to not draft someone.) Marquise Goodwin is fast but that’s about it. He is a play maker because he can be dangerous, but the Bills already have plenty of explosive type guys. Not a bad pick, but not a great one either. Duke Williams has been noted as an x factor for the Bills but I find that hard to believe. He is not all that athletic, or that good of a player, so this is just an average pick for me. The Bills focused on offense this draft, but drafted the wrong guys.

New York Jets

Overall Grade: C+
Best Pick: CB Dee Milner
Worst Pick: DT Sheldon Richardson

1(9) Jets- CB Dee Milner- A
My Ideal Pick: DE/LB Bjorn Werner or CB Desmond Trufant

1(13) JETS- DT Sheldon Richardson- C
My Ideal Pick: DE/LB Bjorn Werner or CB Desmond Trufant

2(7) Jets- QB Geno Smith- C
My Ideal Pick: OT Menelik Watson

3(10) Jets- G Brian Winters- C+
My Ideal Pick: RB Andre Ellington

Summary: Besides Milner, the Jets had an awful draft. Milner is a solid cornerback who could turn into the next Revis, if he can stay healthy. Alabama defensive players have done very well in college and I look to Milner to do the same. I think this a perfect fit for him as his aggressive play style will do wel in Ryan’s defensive scheme. Sheldon Richardson makes little sense. The Jets needed an outside pass rusher, not another inside guy. Plus, Richardson wasn’t even close to being the best inside guy as both Sharrif Floyd and Star Lotulelei were available. Geno Smith crowds the depth chart more and I’m not sure he is better than Mark Sanchez. He will struggle in the Jets offense too, so he is not a good fit. This just creates more controversy on a team with way too much already. Brian Winters does nothing but fill a need. I don’t think he is better than the current starter and looks to be another mid round offensive lineman bust for the Jets. I can’t say much too positive about the Jets draft so I will keep it short: the Jets are headed for another season of the same. No offense, and good defense…

Tennessee Titans

Overall Grade: B+
Best Pick: CB Blidi Wreh Wilson
Worst Pick: Justin Hunter

Pick by Pick:
1(10) Titans- G Chance Warmack- B
My Ideal Pick: DT Star Lotulelei

2(2) TITANS- WR Justin Hunter- C+
My Ideal Pick: G Larry Warford

3(8) Titans- CB Blidi Wreh Wilson- A
My Ideal Pick: CB Jordan Poyer

4(10) Titans- C Brian Schwenke- B+

Summary: It’s a pretty good draft when the worst pick is Justin Hunter, who has tremendous upside. Warmack seems a little bit of a shock pick after the Titans couldn’t land Cooper. Nonetheless, Warmack fills the other guard need and is a very good player. I wish they would have drafted Star Lotulelei, but Warmack isn’t a bad pick here. I’m not a huge fan of Justin Hunter especially with some other quality receivers on the board (Robert Woods, Kennan Allen, Ryan Swope etc.) and I like those guys better for the Titans. Also, a 2nd round pick on a receiver is a lot considering their other needs and drafting Kendall Wright last year. To me, Hunter is a boom or bust pick. Wilson is a steal in the third round. The Titans had an awful secondary last year and when Wilson slid down to them, it was a great pick. He should start for the Titans next year. Schwenke is also a good pick as he fills a need at center. The Titans completed their overhaul on the offensive line and Schwenke is a great guy to add into the mix. This is an above average draft and should help Tennessee move into the playoff race next year.

San Diego Chargers

Overall Grade: B-
Best Pick: WR Kennan Allen
Worst Pick: OT D.J. Fluker

1(11) Chargers- OT/G D.J. Fluker- C
My Ideal Pick: OT Lane Johnson

2(6) CHARGERS- LB Manti Te’o- B-
My Ideal Pick: G Terron Armstead

3(14) Chargers- WR Kennan Allen- A-
My Ideal Pick: QB Mike Glennon

Summary: The Chargers had a tough draft to grade. They were in a tough draft to grade considering that offensive line was their biggest need and most of the offensive linemen were gone. Fluker was a huge reach and the Chargers should have traded down if they really liked him. I can’t fault them for drafting Fluker, but he just cant play left tackle in the NFL. The Chargers could have even traded out of the first round and accumulated a bunch of 2nd and 3rd round talent. I don’t like the Fluker pick. The Chargers brought the circus into town when they TRADED UP for Manti Te’o. Te’o could turn into a superstar but he could also turn into a major bust and have a Ryan Leaf type of fall. The unpredictability is a lot to bet on for a second round pick. The Chargers did need a middle linebacker though, so this is not a bad pick. Many considered Allen a steal in the third round but, considering his off the field issues and poor play senior year, it doesn’t surprise me. It is a good pick and Allen could turn into a quality receiver. I think he gets in his own way and new head coach Ken Wisenhunt needs to sort through that. Rivers needs a big play threat and Allen could become that. Overall, a below average draft, but the Chargers were in a tough place.

Miami Dolphins

Overall Grade: A-
Best Pick: CB Jamar Taylor
Worst Pick: CB Will Davis

Pick by Pick:

1(3) DOLPHINS- DE/OLB Dion Jordan- A-
My Ideal Pick: DT Sharrif Floyd

2(22) DOLPHINS- CB Jamar Taylor- A
My Ideal Pick: CB Darius Slay

3(15) Dolphins- OT Dallas Thomas- A-
My Ideal Pick: OLB Jamie Collins

3(31) DOLPHINS- CB Will Davis- C
My Ideal Pick: N/A

4(7) DOLPHINS- OLB Jelani Jenkins- C+

4(9) DOLPHINS- TE Dion Sims- B-

Summary: The Dolphins have officially won the offseason. They made a big splash in free agency and did a nice job in the draft. Trading up for Dion Jordan was a shock considering their huge need at left tackle and defensive tackle. Dion Jordan is the perfect compliment to Cameron Wake though and can really solidify the defense. That was a solid pick. Jamar Taylor was supposed to be a late first or early second round pick so the fact that he slid down towards the end of the 2nd makes him a great pick for th Dolphins. Plus, they had a need at cornerback. Dallas Thomas probably isn’t the future offensive tackle of this team but he can fill in nicely until they find a long term solution. He can also play guard, which was a need for this team. I don’t understand the Will Davis selection for two reasons. First, the Dolphins already filled their need at corner with Jamar Taylor and second, because Davis was far from the best corner available. I feel similarly about Jelani Jenkins, as the Dolphins drafted Dion Jordan. But Jenkins is actually pretty good, so this isn’t as bad as Will Davis. Dion Sims is a nice backup to Dustin Keller but isn’t much of a run blocker and in no way does he same like a future star in the league. He can play in two tight end sets like Aaron Hernandez, but that’s about it. Overall, the Dolphins had a nice draft early which carried their selections.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Overall Grade: B+
Best Pick: CB Jonathan Banks
Worst Pick: DE William Gholston
Notes: Actually a B, quantum bump for Revis

2(11) Buccaneers- CB Jonathan Banks- A-
My Ideal Pick: LB Arthur Brown

3(11) Buccaneers- QB Mike Glennon- B-
My Ideal Pick: CB B.W. Webb

4(3) BUCCANEERS- DT Akeem Smith- B

4(29) BUCCANEERS- DE William Gholston- B-

Summary: The Buccaneers already had an amazing first round pick in Revis, which they traded to the Jets. So, the fact that they chose Jonathan Banks in the second round proves just how important fixing the league’s worst secondary was to them. Banks to me is an overrated player but this is about the right range for him. He should start next season. I understand the Glennon pick since the Buccaneers aren’t extremely confident in Josh Freeeman. But, I think this was way too early for a QB considering guys like Tyler Bray and Matt Scott went undrafted. Akeem Smith adds solid depth to the defensive line and can pair up with McCoy in the starting line up since Brian Price is no longer with the team. Gholston is the worse prospect of the Gholston brothers, and that is saying something considering Vernon was a major bust. That being said, I don’t hate the pick since the team was thin at defensive end. I would have like to have seen the Buccaneers take a linebacker but they, overall, had an above average draft.

Carolina Panthers

Overall Grade: A-
Best Pick: DT Star Lotulelei
Worst Pick: DT Kawann Short

1(14) Panthers- DT Star Lotulelei- A+
My Ideal Pick: DT Sheldon Richards

2(12) Panthers- DT Kawann Short- B
My Ideal Pick: CB David Amerson

4(11) Panthers- G Edmund Kugbila- B

5(15) Panthers- ILB A.J. Klein- A

Summary: Besides Star Lotulelei, the Panthers had a rather average draft. However, I think that Star Lotulelei was the best pick in the draft. He was definitely a top five prospect who fell because NFL teams are stupid. He will be an immediate starter for the team and is sure to live up to his potential. His celing is the sky. Kawann Short was just alright but does fill a need at the other defensive tackle. I would have liked to have seen the Panthers take a corner here, but Kawann Short is alright too. Kugbila is also an average player but fills a need at right guard and should help keep Cam Newton protected. A.J. Klein was a steal in the fifth round as I had him projected as a third round pick. With Luke Kuechley, Thomas Davis and Jon Beason, Klein provides incredible depth. This was the opposite of the former two selections as it doesn’t really fill a need but Klein was by far one of the best players available at the time. Overall, Star was the star of this draft class.

New Orleans Saints

Overall Grade: A
Best Pick: S Kenny Vacaro
Worst Pick: N/A

1(15) Saints- S Kenny Vacaro- A
My Ideal Pick: S Kenny Vacaro

3(13) Saints- OT Terron Armestead- A-
My Ideal Pick: LB Corey Lemoiner

3(20) SAINTS- DT John Jenkins- A-
My Ideal Pick: N/A

Summary: Man, the NFC South is killing this draft! I love what the Saints did on draft day. First, Vacaro was the best pick the Saints could have taken and the fact that he landed at 15 just shows how stupid some NFL teams are. Vacaro was head and shoulders above every other safety in the class as he provides the ball skills and body to be an impact player on a defense that was ranked worst in almost everything. He should be a future star. Terron Armestead has the potential to help the Saints and is a quality offensive tackle and guard prospect. He will give Drew Brees much needed protection. The only issue is that he is a little raw and probably not the immediate starter that the Saints were looking for. John Jenkins is a solid nose tackle and probably should have gone earlier in the draft. The fact that the Saints were able to score him is unbelievable. They did have to sacrifice quite a bit for him though so I’m not sure he was worth it especially with a huge hole at linebacker. This was a great draft for the Saints and I can’t say they really messed up any of their picks.

St. Louis Rams

Overall Grade: A+
Best Pick: SS TJ McDonald
Worst Pick: LB Alec Ogletree

1(8) RAMS- WR Tavon Austin- A
My Ideal Pick: WR Tavon Austin

1(30) RAMS- LB Alec Ogletree- B+
My Ideal Pick: N/A

3(9) RAMS- SS T.J. McDonald- A+
My Ideal Pick: G Alvin Bailey

3(30) RAMS- WR Steadman Bailey- A-
My Ideal Pick: N/A

4(16) Rams- G Barrett Jones- A

5(16) Rams- CB Brandon McGee- A

Summary: I’m giving the Rams an A+ because they had the best draft this year. I mean, look at the talent they were able to gain and the strategy they used to get it! Tavon Austin is the next coming of Percy Harvin. He is fast, versatile and has great hands. The fact that the Rams traded up for him is a good thing since we have seen it work out for wide receivers especially. He will turn into a threat in the NFC west. I like Ogletree but don’t love the pick. A player with so much controversy doesn’t deserve to be traded up for. Plus, the Rams could have stayed in the second round and drafted a quality linebacker and kept their picks. I don’t love the deal, but Ogletree has the talent to be a great player. McDonald was the best selection in the third round. I thought he was very underrated and was sabotaged last year by a terrible USC secondary. McDonald is a big hitter and can play the back half very well. Look for him to be the next Dashon Goldson if he can stay healthy and confident. He seriously has that much talent. Bailey is a solid pick as he provides another fast receiver for Bradford. I am not in love with Bailey and I thought there were some better prospects, but this is a great pick. Barrett Jones could have been a first round pick this year given all of the draft selections that were offensive linemen. I understood why he slid to the fourth round but kudos to the Rams for taking him. He is versatile enough to play any interior line spot. Brandon McGee was another underrated player that the Rams drafted who carried the Miami secondary last year. He could wind up starting next year and will be a starter in the future years. He needs a team like the Rams with Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins so that the pressure is not immediately on him. I love what the Rams were able to do and it should help them stay competitive this year.

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