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Top 10 Games we would rather see than the Superbowl

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After seeing the Giants and Patriots mosey on up through the playoffs, I couldn't help but yawning at the fact that this game is meaningless. Both Quarterbacks are already locked up for the Hall of Fame, most of the players on both sides already have Superbowls and there is nothing significant for either team here. Tom Brady's legacy will not change whether he has 3 or 4 Superbowls and Manning will always be Peyton's little brother.

But there were some teams this season who would make this Superbowl amazing: here they are

10. The Harbaugh Bowl Volume 2

We have already seen this on Thanksgiving and it wasn't all that great of a game. The Ravens dominated and never let the lead go. That being said, the story line here would be enthralling. Ed Reed trying to get a Superbowl. The ultimate better sibling test. Alex Smith trying to disprove all haters. Joe Flacco doing the same. This game is the most plausible alternative on this list so it gets some cred for that.

Prediction: Ravens 10, 49ers 7

In a offensive meltdown, the defenses force a combined 9 turnovers including 3 Ed Reed INTs. Reed gets the game MVP and Flacco hoists up the trophy in Ray Lewis' last game.

9. Panthers vs. Bengals

Even if Cam Newton wins OROY, people will still wonder who had the better rookie season. This would also be the first time since the merger where a starting rookie QB would be superbowl champion. That alone would be enthralling. Let alone, Cam Newton's explosiveness, A.J. Green and Jerome Simpson doing amazing stunts, and a possible superbowl for a guy like Nate Clements who has been very good over the years.

Prediction: Bengals 23, Panthers 10

The game itself wouldn't be that amazing but Cam would throw for over 300 yards and having a rushing TD. Andy Dalton would be the Game MVP and ultimately solve this debacle.

8. Packers vs. Patriots

Now this game would be interesting! The old vs. the new- Repeat champs vs. former champs- which defense will be worse? These are just some of the story lines that could put this game into the historic region of history. Plus, it would be a really good game as these two teams have two clutch QB's that can drive the ball down the field against any defense, especially two of the worst.

Prediction: Packers 34, Patriots 31

I predict a Stephen Gostowski missed field goal to end the game. Both QB's have great games but in the end, Clay Matthews gets the game MVP for his 3.5 sacks, 1 FF, and blocked field goal to end the game. This game signals the changing of the guard in the NFL.

7. Cowboys vs. Chargers

These were 2 of the most disappointing teams in the NFL this year, which is exactly why they would make a great superbowl. There are several story lines here. First, is those players that need a superbowl to be of the all time greats: Ware, Witten, Ratliff, Newman (ha), Romo, Austin, Rivers, Gates, V. Jackson, Weddle, Williams, Jammer- just to name a few.

Second, Norv Turner worked for the Cowboys during the Triplet Days. This could be a battle for who is better: Jerry or Norv.

Third, Rivers and Romo have both chocked under pressure. The question is, who would choke more?

Prediction: Cowboys 28, Chargers 24

In a close game, Rivers throws an interception that is returned for a TD on a 3rd and 11 to Mike Jenkins. Tony Romo gets the game MVP for his 3 TD, 1 INT performance in which he throws for over 300 yards. I'm actually crying writing this because I would love nothing more than to watch the Cowboys one more time this season. I'm sure Chargers fans are dying too.

6. Lions vs. Texans-

This seems random but it really makes a lot of sense. Two teams that have never been good finally getting a chance to be the best. Plus, Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson would get to battle it out to see who is the better WR. Wade's defense against a great offense. And, a chance for a 5th round no namer to win the Superbowl. So many great story lines for such a great game.

Prediction: Lions 17, Texans 14

This game would have 5 lead changes and be a nail bitter until a T.J. Yates incompletion on a 4th and 3 with 1:42 left in the game. The game would also struggle to find a game MVP. Stafford throwing 2 TDs but 3 INTs, Calvin only catching 2 passes, and the defense not creating any turnovers leads me to believe that Arian Foster's 129 yard, 2 TD performance steals the game's MVP. But the city of Detroit is the real winner here.

5. Colts vs. Rams-

The best game I have ever seen was the 2009 Browns vs. Lions game. If anybody from a different era was to watch that game, he or she would say that they have just seen 2 great teams go head to head. Here is the irony though: when 2 really bad teams play each other, their respective badness goes away and you are left with just greatness. Dan Orlovskey could go crazy, throwing 50 yard passes to Pierre Garcon. Meanwhile, Steven Jackson could run all over this defense. This bar none would be the best game you could watch. But, it could never happen due to the fact that these teams won 4 games combined.

Prediction: Rams 42, Colts 35 (OT)

No field goals, an overtime TD pass from Bradford to Michael Hoomanawanui, and an impressive 230 yard performance from Steven Jackson gives the Rams the superbowl edge in this game. Jackson is the game MVP and the gate to the west gets another ring.

4. Colts (with Peyton) vs. Rams (with Warner)

These two injured but nonetheless hall of fame QB's have never really been compared and I have always wondered why. So when the Colts and Rams play each other, Manning takes off his neckpad and Warner comes out of retirement to play their final game to prove who gets to play second fiddle to Tom Brady.

Prediction: Rams 7, Colts 3

Oh, did I mention that neither of these guys can throw the ball anymore. Like really. Manning has 42 yards on the day, and Warner has 63. In what could be the most boring superbowl performance ever, Steven Jackson breaks away on a 30 yard run for the game winning TD and receives the game MVP.

3. Cardinals vs. Jets-

The two best veterans without a superbowl are LT and Larry Fitzgerald. This battle of wills would center around these two guys but there would also be the Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez drama, plus the Revis Island nightmare for Fitzgerald and the QB conundrum that would face the Cardinals about who to start.

Prediction: Jets 21, Cardinals 14

In a historic performance by Fitzgerald (260 yards, 2 TDs) John Skelton misses Andre Roberts on a 3rd and 5 and it is picked off by Antonio Cromartie to seal the deal. LT gets the MVP with 10 carries for 10 yards but 3 TDs. In his last game, LT is remembered as the greatest running back to play this game. And Sanchez heaters stop hatin.

2. Patriots (with Moss) vs. 49ers (with Owens)

Already an enthralling game, Robert Kraft meets with Jed York and they decide to make it the greatest game ever played. So they contact some agents and bring in the two best wide receivers to never win a superbowl who played during the same time and, the highlights of their carriers, were with these teams. Not to mention that Brady grew up a 49ers fan, the game features great offense vs. great defense. But lets go back to the real story here: Moss vs. Owens. Which one would be a bigger distraction? Which one would be more clutch? I would actually do 1,000 push ups if this game could happen.

Prediction: Patriots 38, 49ers 17

While both Moss and Owens gets a TD, Brady and Moss have this thing called the greatest season ever chemistry going on so Moss catches 3 TDs and is named the game MVP. The game, while never close, kills ratings as every single television in america is turned onto this game. Oh, and they replaced the halftime show to be Bon Jovi. Now everyone is watching the game.

Now I know a lot of you have wondered where a certain Messiah has been on this list. Well ladies and gentlemen, here you go:

1. The Broncos vs. Anyone-

Ya that's right America. John the Baptist said it best "Tim Tebow will return as our Lord and savior." Now, I may have botched that quote up a bit but the point still gets across: I want to see more of the phenom. I want Tebow media day, national Tebowing day, I want the game played on Christmas of next year so that it is more Jesusy, I want it to be played in the freakin Vatican (I DONT CARE IF IT'S MEANT FOR PRAYING, ITS TIM TEBOW). I want literally the entire month of December closed for this event. I don't know what that would entail, but I want it.

And it doesn't really matter who he plays, here is a list of the story lines of the top possible games :

Broncos vs. Saints- The Saints vs. The Saint

Broncos vs. Cowboys- America's team vs. God's team

Broncos vs. Eagles- The Dream Team vs. The team living the dream

Broncos vs. 49ers- the team looking for Gold (1849 Gold Rush) vs. the team that has found God

Broncos vs. Panthers- Superman vs. Jesus

Broncos vs. Packers- Can't think of anything clever but it would be an awesome game

The point is that I would loving nothing more than the Broncos to be losing all game and then Tim Tebow to play the game- his way.

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