Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 9 greatest songs of 2009

9. Whatcha Say- Jason DeRulo
clearly a breakout single for Mr. DeRulo. It has very good swagger to it. Kudos!

8. Boom Boom Pow!- Black eyed Peas
Excellent beats and great dance song! Lyrics were less than mediocre but otherwise good song.

7. Blame it- Jamie Fox
He's got his style back and he was ready to attack!

6.Fireflies- Owl City
This song was truly amazing when I fist heard it! Still think it's pretty good but it is kind of overplayed.

5. You found me- The Fray
The opening line is one of the greatest lines in the history of lines. Epic showdown

4. Down- Jay Sean
3 reasons to like this song: 1. He is Indian 2.Lil wayne is sicky sicky nar nar 3. good lyrics

3. Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
If you don't like this song, then you don't like music! This song is AMAZING

2. Don't Trust Me- 303
This song has been out so long but it is still amazing. If it had come out any other year, it would be #1

1. I've gotta Feeling- Black eyed peas
Great lyrics, great sound, greatness! This song should win every award at the grammys.


  1. i think down should be number one ;)

    ^heres your commmentt

  2. Im feeling nice.. but this is my only faor for at leats another month.. :)

  3. dj sanjay gupta reporting in

  4. okay so honestly brian, i think people comment because you tell them to...
    but this isn't.
    and your page is awesome!
    and im not lying.
    at all.